Monroe County 911 Incident Report

Local 911 Incidents.

Status: ONSCENE, ID: LAUF171471906
Status: WAITING, ID: WEBP171471899
Status: WAITING, ID: CTYP171471891
Status: DISPATCHED, ID: CTYP171471864
Status: ONSCENE, ID: MCOP171471838
Status: DISPATCHED, ID: IROP171471781

9-1-15BERGENCRASH2-300x225Jim’s Service is a family owned and operated business for over 36 years.  We appreciate your visiting us on the Internet.  Please feel free to browse all of our services we offer and if we can help you, please give us a call.

We specialize in heavy equipment towing & recovery as well as small automotive repair.  Our facility is located on Buffalo Road in Churchville, NY.  We pride ourselves on our ability to perform specialized recoveries.  We have the equipment and tools needed to perform any towing or recovery effort.